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Entry #12

FUCK HEAD! FAQ#8 maniac on Deviantart!

2011-08-24 22:04:09 by YukiYuu

They are fucking put in SHIT stuff about FAQ#8 in my ear hole!

I'm fucking boring what the fuck are they want to me?
FAQ#8 FAQ#8 FAQ#8!!!!!plz shut the hell up! and put the fucking shit about FAQ#8 in your fucking ass hole!
Faq#8 is fucking important in your stupid life? Shit!

I'm not a fucking psycho like FAQ#8 maniac like you you yoou
Do not make me to be fuck head FAQ#8 maniac!

What about shit FAQ#8?

It's one shit rule on DeviantArt's term service!
I really love it if nobody try to fucking put it in my ear!
this rule is about....upload screencap!
Why the fuck I can't upload it! if I did I kill your stupid parents HUH?

Shut the hell up! I seen EEEEEEEEEEEEveryone can upload screencap!!!!!

OH fuck! I'm gone insane like fucking something......


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2012-05-12 16:09:54

lol your ragegasm gave me a oh-my-god-what-an-idiotgasm