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They are fucking put in SHIT stuff about FAQ#8 in my ear hole!

I'm fucking boring what the fuck are they want to me?
FAQ#8 FAQ#8 FAQ#8!!!!!plz shut the hell up! and put the fucking shit about FAQ#8 in your fucking ass hole!
Faq#8 is fucking important in your stupid life? Shit!

I'm not a fucking psycho like FAQ#8 maniac like you you yoou
Do not make me to be fuck head FAQ#8 maniac!

What about shit FAQ#8?

It's one shit rule on DeviantArt's term service!
I really love it if nobody try to fucking put it in my ear!
this rule is about....upload screencap!
Why the fuck I can't upload it! if I did I kill your stupid parents HUH?

Shut the hell up! I seen EEEEEEEEEEEEveryone can upload screencap!!!!!

OH fuck! I'm gone insane like fucking something......

Tear me boys sim date update IX

2011-08-23 04:32:55 by YukiYuu

It's not update because I have a drawing stuff and I drawing a cute boy..........

And I have a other sim date project......I don't want to tell you....

I make Lilian's pron CG finish! CX
I start to make Rianne CG!
but I need to learn about sim date game technic anymoreeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!
And I thinks I want to make a BL sim date game anymore~
I love BL sim date game :)
But I never play it TT.TT

I will upload Lilian's picture next time!

I can't understand.....why his hacking me or other people?

Oh shit I want someone to report and banned him now!
if who can make my wish come true....I'm so THANKS YOU to anyone to do this!

this my first post I write it so longgggggggggggggg

Tear me boys sim date update VII

2011-08-01 01:09:28 by YukiYuu

I start to make Akito,Asamu,Seon and Rianne dialoge!
and make pron CG LoL

but I want to make cheat code :\

Tear me boys sim date update VI

2011-07-29 05:14:44 by YukiYuu

....Have a lot of work TT_TT

Tear me boys sim date update V

2011-07-25 00:53:00 by YukiYuu

Yay! I make a day event! XD

Tear me boys sim date update IV

2011-07-22 05:11:49 by YukiYuu

Yay! XD
I finish intro scene 100%!

I thinks I start to make Lilian dialouge

Tear me boys sim date update III

2011-07-20 21:21:13 by YukiYuu

I think this game is havn't sound or music :(
because my Flash programe is can't import the sound on my game TT_TT

Ok...let's update this game
I made intro scene finish

Tear Me Boys sim date update II

2011-07-20 03:55:27 by YukiYuu

I got preload!
I practric to make Day event and exp event.